The Red Balloon


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Great Article Clyde.

As you continue your quest remember this TRUTH that I have realized...for every heartbeat you have the Universe has already given you all it knows you need. For having me as a guest on your show after being fired for investigating behind the villanous veil of governmental intentions and machinations I wish to thank you again, and the many other folks associated with GZ and
As for 'Stitches', next time you see him and he offers you another red balloon...tell him you want a blue one.

When I watched the Matrix and KR had to choose between the red pill and the blue pill, my first thought was to eat both.

A reality check of life shows that there are an uncountable number of faces in the world and when looking into your own mirror you realize that there are also two faces; the one IN it and the one BEHIND it. But remember this, TRUTH has only one face, and is always found in the inbetween.

I hope you find your own center point where you are all by yourself in that inbetween staring at the Universe of stars above and realize that you are your still not alone even though no one else is around you.

Best of luck guy. We have a GroundZero Bar here in Plattsburgh. If your travels get you this way, the first round's on me for sure.

btw...when you ask stiches for the blue ballon...remember to smile while you ask, even a smirk might be appropriate.