If only, If only


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Make a general discussion forum. Untill then, I'll stick here. It's not like anyone else has posted anything about tri-field things. I'll build your device when I get back from my trip.

Hi annon,Please let us know the results after you build the fluxcap and have a safe trip!


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You guys do know that you're all mentally manifesting yourself in something that doesn't exist, right??? This is pure stupidity. I worked with parascience a few times, and you know what? I figured out that most of the crap people make up to make themselves seem important is FAKE.

FAKE. Okay? Now please, listen to my advice and shut this damn forum down. Its pointless to discuss something that doesn't exist, okay? I tried the thing myself and I now realized I wasted $300 for a stupid trick.

HDR users, how gullible do you think the public is? I'm ashamed I actually have to post here.

I fully support Annonomi's statements.


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Hi Elektrodica:

It does not cost $300. Steven Gibbs sells the HDR for $360 plus postage. I paid $402 for my unit.

Where are you getting your figures from?

A liar is caught sooner than he thinks. I use the HDR and I am happy with the results I am getting.

You said "Its pointless to discuss something that doesn't exist, okay?"
Electromagnets exist. I use the electromagnetic waves of the HDR electromagnet to induce an alpha state. Read up on this.

You say the device does not work. The HDR is an electromagnet. It works fine when I turn it on.

Get your facts strainght - DEBUNKER!

I called Steven Gibbs today, and you never bought a unit from him.


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I have white knobs on my Electromagnet what year was it Made???

How can I find a bigger Vortex? out on the mesa? Is there a was to

see a bigger vortes with the meter? We have the same HDR From Steven Gibbs it has 2 knobs on it. Do you use one knob for the year to go to? and the other for the month and the day?