Circum-global super-storm watch


Super-Storm watch:

I would usually post this on my web-page but I do not see any reason why not to post it here.

This outpost issues a circum global super-storm watch in effect until Feb 2002. Recent climatological events indicate a massive fluctuation in the albedo of the planets atmosphereic cover. Factoring in recent solar activity makes a recipe for a circum-global superstorm. This storm will have three aspect points. The Central Pacific, The Mid Atlantic and the Indian Ocean. Places hardest hit will be the Southern Americas, The United States/North America and the Asian continent. This circum global storm is a secondary indicator to an already issued ice-age warning.

Warnings or cancellations will be reported here.

Thank you. Dale F. Beaudoin
Hi Dale...just a question/observation...

I used to live in Oklahoma and Kansas, and have seen a fair share of violent weather. Through people I know, I have learned of (and I am sure you have heard of it also) HARP...supposedly, the government is aiming microwaves at the atmosphere to try to manipulate weather. This is warming up the atmosphere (ie: global warming) and causing drastic weather changes. For the last 3 years we have had a tornado touch down here in Washington (Western), albeit babies but none-the-less tornados. One hit about 5 miles from my house and damaged a neighborhood. The weather is changing and I don't think it is a random earth-change thing, I think we are messing where we shouldn't be. What do you think?
Hi Jeri

It is scientific that we have been messing with the weather for a long time. Project Stormfury did just that on Hurricane Debbie, that one that followed Hurricane Camile in 1969.

There are so many factors, so much medling, that it makes that task of a climatologist almost impossible to do.

I think the main ingredient in "this" storm is the quiescents of the solar disk. The tropics will recieve heat but high pressures will be hard pressed to make it into the temperate zones, and, if they do, the fluctuations will be adverse. I have heard about HARP and many other types of weather mod, but I do not think that we can beat this current solar minimum. The Ozone acts like a "blanket" which keeps the upper atmosphere warm, almost 78 degrees F. where it would otherwise be near the cold of space. Since the Ozone has depleted, the blanket is gone and in comes Newtons' law of cooling.

Other than this, I agree wholeheartedly that 'groups' are messing around with the clouds. The end result, nature will make us pay a heavy price.IMO

I agree...unfortunately, it won't be the people who are messing with the weather that will will be the population who has no warning or protection. There are some things that should be left alone.
Hi Jeri,

I hope I do not come across as a bible thumper, but, their is a passage in the bible which states that "it will rain on the just and the unjust". I do not know exactly what God or Jesus were talking about but, as for the future of our climate, I think this will be the rule.

'when the skies wept
not a sparrow's wing was untouched
and the rivers sang bells
over mountains and valleys and wells'

dale f. beaudoin
I agree, and unfortunately the innocent generally do pay a price for the actions of would be nice if mankind could actually learn from their mistakes rather than build on a mistake with another one. I am getting way off track of the subject here...sorry. I live in the Pacific Northwest, and we are having one of the dryest winters in a long time, power shortages and water shortages etc. What thoughts do you have on the future of our environment,(ie.) what do you think the next few winters will bring for our area....?
In my original prediciton i had forecasted that the Pacific Northwest would show the first early signs of glaciation. Apparently, as you say, it has been dry.

Glaciers take time, but, i did forecast significant snow. Winters not over yet :)


I love the snow...I hope you are right about seeing some this year. I am one in very few around here that want's it, but I think it is about time for a change...don't get me wrong, a glacier over my house doesn't sound appealing, but a good blast of winter would be welcome.

Ralph Phillips

New member
Don't get me wrong, but, if the Coming Global Superstorm comes that both Art and Whitley see in the future you won't quite feel the same about THAT, however. Pray this never happens in our lifetime. Pity those whom must be put through it. However, I, also, hold out on the possibility that we COULD avert such a calamity through the power of collective/universal positive thinking thrown at it. Even Biblicly, and I am not very religious, it says something to the effect that if we so much as have even the faith of a grain of a mustard seed we could actually move mountains. The power of the mind, of faith and of will power. It's true; it's true. It CAN happen.
Hi Ralph,

I also believe in the power of collective thought and of a higher power, God, Jesus or whichever diety once chooses. You have a good heart with good intentions.

In my thinking , as the storm organizes, nature will have the upper hand over mind-control and good spirited intentions. The lands are praying, as are the animals and the trees. If the biosphere is to survive as we know it then only a storm of circum-global proportions will effect a long lasting cure.

The sun is also about to show signs of remission of solar activity. There is a radio terminology called "back quiet". That means the operator is 10-7 or "out of service" but the sun will not be out of service, it will just QRP or, lower it's power.

It does not take much to survive an ice age of 25 years duration, or , the percurrsors, as in violent tornadic activity (this spring).

I was going to post this in Earth Changes . but, it might be appropiate here.

NOAA just forecasted a Winter Advisory at 7:00pm EST for South Eastern Lower Michigan. It has forecasted that there will be 1 inch of snow/freezing rain and then thuring to all rain and then back to snow on Friday. I'll keep an ear and report the fluctuations of this major storm comming out of the Gulf of Mexico, probably Friday.

Other than this, I have made persoanl preperations that have been very inexpensive. I have stocked up on non-perishables and fuel in the form of wax candles, batteries and other inexpensive stuff that can be made from household goods. I know there are a thousand books out there and I am not about to recommend any. I consider that i am as ready as possible, but, no one can control the resultant seismic activity due to a shift in continetal density following the lithospheric hyper-dimensional hurricane, probably originating in the UK and Europe.

I know this sounds terrifying, but, we have to look at these things whether we want to or not and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Hi Dale

You seem very knowledgable about this, and I know others of influence are also. Since this is coming and it doesn't look like mankind has the "good will" and "positive thinking" to help stop this scenario from playing out, why hasn't the government or whoever stepped forward to tell people this is happening...we hear alot of stuff about El Nino, La Nina etc., but nothing is being done to ensure that the public will be prepared. There are things that can be done to at least give people a chance to get ready for this. Do you have any insight as to why we are being "left out in the cold"?
Hello Jeri,

You ask an extremely tough question. Allow me to start with Art's show lastnight with Linda Howe. I heard Art and Linda say they did not want to get into the political aspects or implications of what, perhaps, science is doing or not doing. I also heard a shaken Whitley Streiber reduce most of his writings attributable to "fiction". It was sad to hear Whitley so shaken up, yet, he has no idea what he and Art had fallen on to. (not referring to the alien abduction).

Before I get to the crux of your question I wanted to note that Art, in his humanistic honesty and humility atated that he "had a feeling, like alarm bells going off" <or somthing to that effect> concerning the Quickening and current sudden weather changes. HE spent almost five minutes trying to identify with a real feeling of impending catastrophy, that, probably to his amazement, is soundly based.

Now, for the government. In 1971 Richard Nixon commenced the WESCENT Celebrations and commited that he would provide funding for "long range forecasting" so that farmers and buisnesses could have a fair veiw of the weather to come. The WESCENT celebrations was the Centennial Celebration of the US Weather Bureau which was enacted by Ullyses S. Grant in 1870.

Government *has* tried to warn persons in a very sutle way but, main-stream media is slow to move. The main problem is the proverbial "egg on the face". No forecaster wants to look foolish whith a failed forecast. ie Like Hurricane Floyd. FIMA and the National Hurricane Center suggested mandatory evacuations only to have the hurricane move eastward and miss the Florida Pennisual. It took alot of effort, but, lets say that it was a successful trial run for the real thing.

I think that the consumer has to take some responsibility also. This is not a sales pitch, but, Gov. John Engler of MICH. has declared the week of Feb 4th to Feb. 10th NOAA Weather week. NOAA provides a service of warnings over radios of severe and iminent weather warnings over speacial frequencies, somewhat alike to the C. Crane Radio Art is always talking about. It would not hurt to have one because most of the transmitters and repeaters are vaulted and have emergency 24/7 back up power generation in the event of a violent weather anonoly, or , a standard weather warning. Also the led flashlight is a smart idea.

It is beyond question that many in the State of California only wished they had not considered Art and Whitley , crackpots in lieu of the recent and ongoing rolling blackouts and etc.... so that was not the governments fault, nor was it the peoples fault.

I think the fault lies in the presentation of the facts. Consumers are very cynical and skeptical and (even myself) they will fail to do anything or take any action until they have an F5 tornado practically on their doorstep.

I will also say that the government is responsible, somewhat for possibly trying to squelch the mainstream media so as to quell possible panic and resultant civil disobedience in the event that the storm organizes as projected. PErhaps there is always a window and a five day window could cause panic, or even long term effects on the stock market, hence accusing global stormologists of being crackpots seems to be the effective cure to the problem at the moment. This is only short term.

I was also frustrated that Art took into the Global Warming thread and indicated that many in science and media are dort of turning a deaf ear. Not true in all cases. The only thing that gets to me is that when a climatologist or a layman makes a reference to global warming they should be fair to include everything up to the ionosphere and not just terra firma. Also, I didn;t hear much about our solar disk last night either other than 10 million year projections. It does not deal with where we are at, now.

I hope this helps, and believe me, your questions are extremely thought provoking , courageous and inspiring.


Ralph Phillips

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I couldn't agree with you more, Dale, but, despite all this, the power of the universal/collective mind if applied to these problems could truly make a difference and could. at least, stem the tide, so to speak, of this upcoming natural holocaust. If nothing else, it could, possibly, delay its arrival to allow all of us just a little more time. Perhaps, I am wrong, however. I do sense something very 'forboding' just around the corner.
Hello Ralph,

Thanks for your input. I'll say this, (and to hell with my reputation) but I trust your intuition more than I trust a satalite!

But get this... we have thunderstroms in the Great Lakes right now. The ground is frozen soild and it has been pouring outside with a nice lightning show. It is not fereezing rain, but, the cold from the ground is actually radiating upwards and the rain in "freezing where it lies". A strange phenom indeed. I can't really explain it and the air temp is 38 F. I am assuming that this is cold energy in action.

And to hell with my reputation again, but, I think some persons (perhaps many) have PK rainmaking abilities!

Although this is not my forte', and, i cannot prove it, you will never have to convince me of a collective/universal mind.

Your forbodings will always have precedence over any man-made instrument. I challenge anyone here on this BBS to prove otherwise that your mind is inferior to even the most sophisticated detecting devices that can emulate what you are experiencing, or, for that matter, what several others are experiencing, pro or con!

Hi Dale and Ralph...

I have no doubt that the collective mind etc. has the power to do some good, but I see the problem as a "collective few" that know what it would take to fix the problem, but won't because it won't be beneficial to whatever agenda they have. The fact is, this is all going to hit the fan, people will be dying (freezing, draught, tornado's...whatever) and we will become so dependent on anyone who holds the key to stopping this weather catastrophe that is on the way. Basically, anyone who can control the physical environment, can control everything. protest their grain selling for less than it's worth and they refuse to sell. Whoever controls the weather could send a deep freeze, tornado or torential rains, wipe out their crop and teach them not to try to disagree, but take what they are given and not gripe about it. I know...a little too far out there, but you guys have your feeling of "foreboding", I have a feeling of a losing what life is as we know it.