Anybody have any dreams or encouters with aliens?


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Here is a dream I had:

I was brought to this building and i was handcuffed to this guy just one handcuff hooked to me and to him. I remember the room exactly a big long table in the middle of the room and chairs around it, and on both sides of the room were a long row of black chairs. I conveinced the guy I would not run away and he took the handcuff off. I think he was an airforce guy and then the room began filling up.

there were military men all around the table with a lot of those little material things on their jackets. there were all kinds of high ranking military with different uniforms.

then there was regular people on the sides in the black chairs.all sorts of people.

there was a big black contraption at the end of the table at the back of the room. some sort of device and then the lights were turned down low. I thought maybe they were going to do a seance and I was afraid. I made a mental note of where the lights were.

when you walk in to the room I was on the left side of the room and about a third of the way up from the back of the room.the man that was with me sat beside me.
some of the details I forget but all of a sudden this alien appeared where the black thing was in the back of the room. he was little and skinny had a big head but he had light blue eyes not the black eyes people usually say they see. there was a yellowish glow about him as he kinda floated like a ghost would.
he was going down the row starting with the first person at the end of the room on my side.

he was putting his hand on their knee and looking deeply into their eyes. and then he would move to the next one. and do the same thing. like he was picking someone or looking for someone.It was obvious he was going to eventually get to me. and I heard all aliens were evil and I started getting really afraid.
I started praying really hard with my eyes tightly shut. "please protect me Lord Jesus..please protect me God!!!"I said over and over in my mind.

When I opened my eyes i looked over to see how far away he was now and he was looking right at me. I panicked and looked away trying not to draw attention to myself. when i looked over again he was moving right toward me and he totally skipped everyone else.

Everyone was in a state of awe and sat quietly watching this thing.

fear got the best of me and i bolted up out of my seat and ran toward the door.I remembered where the lights were and I flipped them up or on and I struggled to go out the door. there was a guard on the outside of the door that grabbed me.

I heard a bunch of conversation going on in the room. the person who had operated the black machine came outside the door where I was. I do not beleive the alien was in the room anymore.

I was crying at this point and the person who was operating the machine was hollaring at me under his breath. he had a hold of my arm. now the guy who i had been handcuffed to walked out and stood beside me. the operator guy shoved me toward the guy who I was suppose to be handcuffed to. he had no compassion for me at all that i was crying.

the man I was suppose to be handcuffed to caught me and was listening to this guy talk.

then people started slowly coming out of the room and they looked very disappointed. the generals and other military men ,the operators whole disposition changed as he shook their hands and thanked them for coming. one of the military men shook his head at me. I felt as if I really ruined something. but I was never told that some alien would appear out of thin air. and then I woke up.


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a couple days after that dream I had this dream:

I was in this place with some friends and it was night and we were looking up at the stars in the sky trying to find like the big dipper and other stars. all of a sudden everything changed all the stars changed position in the sky and everything was very very still.
there they were the same aliens i saw at that military place. their faces were smooth like little children and they had those light blue eyes. they were very intillegent and looked very frail.

I tried to run away but i couldnt. I couldnt move at all. i was like frozen in place.

they were not mean and evil like I thought they were i looked right into their eyes and their was an innocence about them just like little kids. I thought to them:" are you?"

didnt know what else to say and i was trapped there and couldnt move.

they communicated by telepathy.

they moved closer they had this device that looked like a big magic marker.

"what is that?"

I asked them afraid they were going to use it on me.

they told me it was a language interprter.

I asked them if I could see it . I was calmer now and I could move. they just handed it over to me like in total trust, there was no hesitation to giving it to me.

I played around with it as they watched.

you ran it over words and it converted it into alien language and back to english again.

it was such a highly complicated instrument in such a little contraption.

I wrote down words on a piece of paper and then ran it over it and it changed it into alien language. I really got caught up into playing with it.
then i did my name to see what it was inalien language and it turned it into alien language plus it produced a strange symbol at the end of my name. a golden cross.

I did it again and again and there was always the cross at the end of my name.

I laughed not knowing the meaning of this and I put my head up to ask one of them what it meant but they were gone. i looked all around for them but they were gone. they left me with the device. so I did other peoples names and places not knowing how long i would have the thing. then I woke up with a bad headache.


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I had another dream about a group of aliens that looked like angels:

from what I remember:
I was in this place and I was trying to rescue this little girl out of this evil house. as I was taking her out of the house she was kind of fighting me because she didnt understand. I was trying to put her to safety. all of a sudden this demon like thing started coming after me.out from the house. you should have seen it , it was the ugliest thing I ever seen it had it's hands out as if reaching for the girl and it was moving at great speed.(faster than me!) I could have dropped the girl and ran but I was determined to save her. it seemed very angry.

While I was running I saw suddenly appearing out of nowhere to my left and up ahead ,a white round like vehicle. and I noticed three tall men were getting out of it. very calmly so. I ran right pass them and the older of the three stepped right infront of this demon-like thing. and he put his right hand up in the air .no words were said between the man and the evil thing that I could hear. I had stopped running and turned around to see this. This evil thing was crouching down in fear before this man. it then turned around and went back into the house. it retreated in fear.

The other man motioned for me to get in the vehicle and the third man took care of the little girl.

The vehicle was small like a car with front and back seats. but here is the strangest thing we were inside this vehicle and it had lots of viewing space. And I noticed the strangest thing WE WERE NOT MOVING. everything was moving and changing around us. it was so strange.

I leaned forward in the seat. these people had not said one word to me as of yet. and I noticed the little wing imprint on the shoulder. They all had white hair and blue eyes and white robes with this little blue cape like thing over the robe. they had a wonderful feeling about them and I really wanted to stay with them. I wanted to reach up and touch the little wing imprint on the guys shoulder because the material looked so soft but there was a holiness about them. a cleanness. a high moral standard type of intelligence. very wise. very hard to describe. they had a very deep peace about them that made you feel very comfortable.

I finally wondered greatly who they were and asked the guy seated in front of me
"who are you guys?"

I hardly heard the answer because at the same time he was speaking something was happening outside the viewing window. "We are the Holy Angels of God.." The voice was very authoritive.

that was all I heard. and then there was this bright flash of white light.

and I could not see anything around me but white light I couldnt even see them. the bright flash of white light filled everything up and it was all you could see.and then I heard singing up to my right but I couldnt quite make out what they were singing. some sortof praise with different voices and tones blending together. it was a massive singing getting louder and louder. like I was getting closer and closer to it but all I could see was this bright white light.I couldnt wait to see what beautiful beings were singing that beautiful music I was in great anticipation. but I never got to see it or just don't remember it. I blacked out and found myself on my bed. and when I tried to get up I felt very dizzy. so I layed there for a couple minutes more. I could still feel the presence around me although I couldnt see anyone. and then it faded away.



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I've heard your dream before! Have you posted it on some other site in the past??

I had a pretty cool dream when I was about 11 years old, must have been after seeing a sci-fi movie or something...

Where I lived there was a huge park with an old band stand and seating where couples used to go and listen to the band play on a Sunday afternoon. In my dream it was evening and the park was full of people. We were waiting for some great event and we looked up, into the sky. We became scared though, as a (typical round, with a dome) flying saucer was coming down to land. We started running away, up a steep hill (the park covers a large area and to the south it inclines) A loud voice tells us all to stop running and anounces that it's alright to come back down. I turn around to see the flying saucer, now landed and a panel slide open along the side of it. There is a deck and people emerge. There is a man in a white coat (I know what you're thinking!) He's like a scientist or Dr then a Military man like a General or something then other, plain clothed people appear. The voice continues "It's alright, we're one of you, we're nothing to be afraid of! We are from earth!"

That's all I can remember about this dream, it was quite a long time ago. I do remember that it was a great dream, kind of like wish fulfillment or something! Never had a dream like it again, but childhood dreams are like that! Too bad I don't remember actually seeing any Aliens though!
Very intriguing Pamela. Sounds like the matrix has gotten a foothold on you? Do not fear, invite your dreams and control them by your will. It is a gift from the matrix, but use it wisely. They are driven by intuition not thought. Remember that when you dream or you will break the link.



I'm not a professional scientist, but apparently my subconsious mind is. I had a series of vivid dreams between October and December 2000. They involve experiments with time rifts, phase shifting, encounters with government teams, and DNA modelling. In each of these dreams I was a scientist working with the government. We were working on experiments that were known to be "forbidden" by the aliens. There is a symbol that appeared in my dream... Please view it..

If anyone here knows anything about this symbol, or possible explanations of these dreams, please contact me at [email protected]